Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Farewell For Now

It's simply time. 

Hey folks,

First, I'm fine. Thank you for your concerns. I have been trying to figure out what to say. Couldn't do it. So I'm actually just going with it. I have no idea how this will come out by here it goes.

I've been on the Internet since mid to late 90's. When I first started out, I was mostly Faith Based. I would discuss various things in various places and was never afraid of what someone may think or what they said about me or my beliefs. Well, as so often happens, life interrupted. I went through a major life change and ended up moving to here, in sunny South Florida. I came back online and picked up somewhat where I left off. However, I became more political.

I used the excuse, that, "Hey, that's what is in the news." Bush this and that. War this and that. Then I notice a trend starting among the Media and Liberals in general. I watched the Democrat Party die. I saw the "Progressive Party" being born. I saw that the New Liberalism, is nothing more than a quest for Tyranny. Their number one priority, and still is, is to destroy the America we grew up in and replace it with a utopia of Socialistic Society. I was not about to sit back and allow that to happen.

So 6 years ago, I started the OPNTalk Blog. Kept that going until an upgrade made it impossible, so I created this. The OPNTalk2 Blog. I have loved every second of it. Sharing true infotainment with all of you. I have made new friendships that I will cherish forever. A couple have passed away. Some have moved on. But some are still there. I am honored to call them friends.

However, I have also started to regain some things I lost. I have recommitted myself to my Faith. I have reentered the Word. I have rejoined the "Church" of God. The Body of Christ. I have woken up. Now I told everyone about this. When TAG was born. I said, that I would continue to do both. Truth is? I was wrong.

You see, for a while now, I'm just not into this. I'm really not. I have been warning people of what is coming, long before anyone else was. I warned you about Little Hitler. I warned you about Putin. I warned you about Obama. I have been screaming from the rooftops for the last 6 years. America itself is at stake, and the world is growing darker.

Now everyone is warning you. Everyone is telling you the same things I have been telling you. Things are happening the way they are happening. In 35 days, you will go to the Polls, and you will Vote. You will either Vote for Faith, Family, and Freedom, or you will Vote for the death of America itself. Yes, it really is that simple. What will happen, will happen.

I was thinking about this for a while. The more I spend time with my family, and the more time I spend in the Word, and with God, the more I grow in Faith. The less I grow in desire to spend time talking Politics. I was Praying about this and a question popped into my Spirit. "What is more important? Sharing the Truth according to God, sharing the Word. Explaining His Will and Way for Salvation? Leading someone to Salvation? Or, picking out the Idiot of the Week?" Then this. "The World has Rush, Sean, Mark, Glenn, Joyce, and many others." Then this passage came to mind. Luke 10:2
Therefore said he unto them, The harvest truly is great, but the labourers are few: pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he would send forth labourers into his harvest.
You see, people are looking at the Middle East, they are looking at Israel being surrounded by those that seek it's destruction. The see earthquakes and storms. They see wars and rumors of wars. They see our president talking about handing over American Sovereignty to the UN. They see others talking about a One World Order. They SEE the end of the world coming as depicted in the Bible.

However, today, this day, someone will die. Someone will wake up, they will have coffee. Eat. Go off to work. They will not make it. Another will dress their child, and see them off to school, and that child will never return home. Someone will not even wake up. Just because the World doesn't end today, doesn't mean that today, is the last day of life for many. Think about 9-11. 3000 Americans and others, got up, did whatever they did every other day, kissed loved ones, went to work. Shortly after they got there, they were killed.

What is more important? Talking about the Idiot of the Week, or picking out someone that has displayed Logic? Or sharing the Truth according to God. Showing them The Way. Leading them to the simplicity of Salvation. Seriously? Pretty much a no brainer. Don't ya think?

It's simply time. I will not shut down this Blog completely. Who knows, I may even pop in from time to time if I have something important to share. The Email will remain active and you can always get me there. It is for both, as always, opntalk@gmail.com. There really is a wealth of information, that is proven more and more, everyday, to be one hundred percent true. But if you want to get to know the Faith Based Peter, and share the Word and Truth according to God, check out TAG. New message every Wednesday and Sunday. Except this week. Sunday we will be talking about the Sermon on the Mount.

I just truly feel that my decreasing, and ever increasingly precious time, is better well spent in trying to help people in a deeper more meaningful way, than simply talking Politics and world events. A sincere thank you to you all. Peace be with you, and be blessed, be well, and see you at TAG.