Tuesday, September 25, 2012

England, Energy, Tea Party

Did I mention, commonsense.

Hey folks,

Happy Tuesday to ya. Yes, you read the headline correctly. England, Energy, Tea Party. Come on Pete, the Tea Party is this small group of kooks. They are nothing more than angry white men that hate Obama. What are you talking about? {Laughing}

The truth. The Tea Party is more an idea than it is people. The people involved in the Tea Party are of all races, religions, social classes, and appears to be growing world wide. It is Conservatism. It is truth. It is reality. It is freedom.

What am I talking about? This story from the The UK Guardian - Tory 'Tea Party tendency' putting green energy jobs at risk, warns Ed Davey

So this guy, Ed Davey, is the Liberal Democrat Energy Secretary. I'm not saying Liberal Democrat. That is what they call themselves. You see, unlike our politicians, they do not hide who they are. He IS the Liberal Democrat Energy Secretary. He is all upset, that people are slowly starting to realize that man-made global warming is a scam. He is upset that people are starting to reject the whole premise. Therefore, when people see governments wasting money on failed "green energy" plans, they are getting upset.

Folks, as I read this, I though I was reading a NYT piece. Talking about us. Our government.
In an interview with the Observer, Ed Davey describes a "Tea Party tendency" among Conservative MPs who question climate change and green investment as "perverse", and says it is creating deep uncertainty for an industry that could do much to help lift the country out of the economic doldrums. Just like us, there are some across the pond, that feel "green energy" will save them. They think investing in "green energy" is wise.
Well, they say this publicly, but I wonder how much money is going to line pockets there. Just like here, there is no market. There is no one to buy this over priced failure.

Just like our country, he wants more government money going to this garbage. In a time when their economy is hurting as well.
Davey says, however, that there are huge opportunities for the British economy from investment in low-carbon energy infrastructure projects, including wind and solar energy, carbon capture storage and new nuclear power, all of which make up a large part of projected spending of £118bn in the sector over the next decade. Last year alone £12.7bn was invested in this country by the renewable energy industry, creating 20,000 jobs
Doesn't this sound so familiar? £12.7bn equals about 20 BILLION dollars. 20,000 jobs? Are they still there? Are they actually producing anything and showing profit? Doesn't say.
Davey says he fears these opportunities will be lost if the pre-election consensus on climate change and green policies continues to be questioned. "If there is not seen to be that consensus investors are going to balk. When you hear all that noise on the right of politics that worries investors. They think, 'Well if I am going to put all this money in – it is a 30-year investment – I need to know that if the government changes we are not going to have some rightwing Tea Party tendency taking over.' "
Believe it or not, there is no consensus on GWBS. Global Warming BS. There never has been. It has all been media and politician driven hype. There is no real science in it. It is a SCAM. It is a money laundering, power grabbing, government controlling, SCAM. I love this next paragraph.
Describing the arguments of the Tory right as perverse, Davey said he could not believe so many Conservatives failed to see the economic benefits of investment in green infrastructure, much of which would be from the private sector and so off the government's books. "Energy infrastructure is going to drive growth and what is even more significant is that a lot of the energy projects are shovel-ready – they are ready go tomorrow." 
"Shovel-ready?" Private sector? Then stop government funding them. Let the private sector do it's thing. What are they producing right now? What have we, or what have you, gotten from the money invested so far? How much have you reduced your need of oil and natural gas? What are the actual numbers?

Just like here, these GWBS kooks there, want government to legalize the "need" of green energy.
Davey also made it clear that he was in favour of introducing a legal goal to decarbonise the power sector by 2030 – something also opposed by Osborne – although he said he believed this could be done through secondary legislation and with less stringent conditions than were being proposed by many of the green groups. 
Problem is, there is nothing to switch to. Nothing proven to work. There is no market. Just like here, they are seeing a boom in the shale gas field. He doesn't like that. He thinks that this will hurt his and the other kooks chances on forcing the people to fork over more money, power, and control to government. Of course, he doesn't say that in so many words, but this piece ends with this paragraph.
While Osborne is known to be enthusiastic about a new "dash for gas" – which he sees as crucial to the country's future energy needs – Davey was sceptical about over-reliance on gas. In particular he questioned whether exploration of shale gas in the UK would change the need for a balanced energy policy. "As far as the British shale gas story is concerned I don't think it is a game changer at all, as we would still be dependent on imports." 
Like I said folks, other than the language and terminology, I would think I was reading the NYT and this guy is Al Gore talking about Republicans. Or Obama debating Romney or something. Truth is, just like here, they are wrong there. No one wants to see more billions wasted, on failed policies, in an already hurting economy.

They are right about one thing. The energy sector WILL increase jobs, revenue, national security, and lower the cost on all things, for all, in turn, help the economy to bounce back. But it is real energy. Not the green energy pipe dream. Not the SCAM. It is what makes the world go around, and we have plenty of it. Natural resources. Oil, natural gas, coal.

I also agree, we should continue to work toward clean energy. Call it green energy. But open it up, maybe even give tax breaks to those seeking it, but stop given them free money to line their pockets. Let the private sector find out how shovel ready those jobs really are. Get government out of it, and let the people that seek to profit from it, invest, and gamble with their own money. If it works? GREAT. Everyone will switch without being forced to. Evolution of energy will take place. They will become mega rich. If not, it was a gamble THEY were willing to take.


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