Sunday, September 23, 2012

Netanyahu Pulling For Romney? Surprised?


Hey folks,

So you have an enemy. He bullies you, picks fights with you. Calls you names, and wishes you to die. He then, starts building weapons to use against you. "I'm going to kill you. Just wait though, I have to finish this. Uh, would you like a cup of tea?"

Now your best friend, starts talking nice about your enemy. Not only that, your best friend starts being friends with your enemy, and telling you, YOU better be nicer. Then more enemies are watching this. Hey, this is cool. Now, now, now. Go now. We will not be stopped Now is the time.

So a new enemy arises, and takes over an entire government, WITH YOUR FRIEND'S HELP! The very first thing? They declare YOU their number one enemy. Your best friend? Well, he gives this new enemy a billion dollars. AFTER all this.

So is it really any surprise that Netty wants to find a new best friend? What is this from, Oh, The Guardian. Of course, not a US Outlet. They are too busy trying to convince you that the ONE, is still universally loved and will bring peace. {Sigh}
The political TV advertisement featuring Binyamin Netanyahu and the slogan "The world needs American strength, not apologies" is likely to fuel claims that the Israeli prime minister is interfering in the US presidential election in support of Republican candidate Mitt Romney.
Wait? So? Since when does a World Leader NOT have an opinion on who they want to win. Putin wants Obama. The Muslim Brotherhood, wants Obama. OH. I get it. He wants Romney, so he must be interfering in our elections. The American people will decide. If they are smart, they will vote with Netty.
It comes increasing during anxiety that Netanyahu has overplayed his hand in displays of warmth and enthusiasm for Romney while his relationship with Barack Obama grows more antagonistic. Some say Netanyahu is gambling too heavily on a Romney victory on November 6 and that if Obama is re-elected, the potential blowback could be damaging not just for the prime minister but for Israel itself.
Stop. This is OBAMA's fault. He ignores, insults, and rejects Israel, every step of the way. Of course they do not care what he thinks. He gives money to, aid to, and speaks highly of, Muslims all around the world. He meets with Terrorists, and would rather party with musicians and go on a comedy show, than meet with the Prime Minister of Israel, while they stand at the brink of war? This is ALL OBAMA's FAULT!!
Mark Regev, Netanyahu's spokesman, said the advertisement had "not been co-ordinated with us, we were not consulted and no one asked us for our permission". In an interview last week with the Jerusalem Post, the Israeli prime minister rejected accusations of interference in the election, saying they were "completely groundless".

But, according to Yossi Verter writing in Haaretz recently, US officials had relayed to a "very senior Israeli figure" that "in the eyes of the Democratic administration, Netanyahu is perceived as campaigning on behalf of Mitt Romney." To the president and his aides, the Israeli prime minister's actions look like "crude, vulgar and unrestrained intervention in the US election campaign".
SCREW OFF! If I were Netty? I would come here and shoot an ad WITH Romney, telling of all the things Obama has done to make the world more dangerous. I wouldn't care what Obama and Crew were saying. As a matter of fact, I would tell him to Screw off.
Joe Klein of Time magazine described Netanyahu's recent behaviour as "an unprecedented attempt by a putative American ally to influence a US presidential campaign".
Really. These people are morons. I guess they do not remember Little Hitler of Iran, the Muslim Brotherhood, people like Chavez, all pulling for Obama last election? Were they interfering? What about Putin this time around? Is he interfering? You people are a bunch of twits and dimwitted morons. Of course Netanyahu is pulling for Romney. Obama is no friend of Israel. He is a coward, and ignorant of world policies. Hell, he is STILL blaming the YouTube Video if the ATTACKS on 911 in Benghazi. And you people report this? Even though we know it was totally planed, some of the attackers were using heavy weapons WE supplied them with.

OK I'm done with this. It goes on a bit, how Liberals feel Netanyahu is so wrong, and that he is favoring Romney? Of course he is. Anyone with a BRAIN will be supporting Romney. We can't afford another 4 years of this garbage. The world will go to war. America will cease to exist. And Obama will become the Dictator he wants to be. This is what is at stake here folks. This is NOT Right vs Left. This is not Politics as usually. America is at stake. The World is at stake. We must make the right decision in just over a month from now. Really? Nothing else matters.


  1. Sorry my friend but Israel is not the world to 99% of Americans. In fact, people can't wait for the US to break all ties with Israel. Then you can go pick a fight with Iran and try to go it alone. I smell an ass kickin!

  2. Hey Anonymous,

    Welcome to the OPNTalk2 Blog. Israel, and the Jews in general, have been hated since God chose them as His people. The world hates God, therefore, the world hates His chosen people. Jews and Christians. The other religions, like, oh, I don't know, Islam, is said to be sacred. Can't even say that Islam, has people that want to murder anyone not Muslim. We might offend someone. We can't say Islam is a religion of Hate. Might offend someone. Yet? Jew and Christian bashing happens all the time. No one cares. It's OK. It's getting worse. But in the end, God will win. As the Word declares, "For it is written, As I live, saith the Lord, every knee shall bow to me, and every tongue shall confess to God." Sad thing is, it will be too late for most at that time.

    No one is picking a fight with Iran. Iran is building a Nuclear weapon for the sole purpose of "wiping Israel off the map." as stated by Little Hitler himself. What you are seeing is a redo of World War Two. A rise in radial Islam. All through out the middle east. Things are lining up, just like the did with the Nazis. Little Hitler will be leading the charge, just like the original. We have a President that is nothing more that a sympathizer. If nothing more. What you are seeing is history in the making my friend. We are on the brink of World War Three. Israel may very well be the one to pull the trigger, out of necessity for their very survival.

    People are asleep. Too worried about this economy, and just trying to survive daily life under Obama. The Muslim Brotherhood, with HELP by our president IS taking over the middle east. Putin is gaining back territories, and rebuilding the USSR, with a disdain for America. China is about to start a war with Japan over an uninhabited island. No one seems to know what is going on with North Korea and it's new leader. Europe and the US are going Bankrupt. We live in dangerous times.

    If you ask me, we need a leader that is going to be bold enough to make the tough decisions. One that our allies will trust, and one that our enemies will fear. Oh, and one that has a chance of fixing our economy would be nice too. {Smile} But the truth is, this is not politics as usual. This is not you win one, we win one. This is no longer just the next four years. America itself is on the line here. War is looming. We need to take this election seriously. We need a new and true Leader.


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