Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Support Dwindling For Obama

Who said this?
"He promised hope and change, but his current campaign is divisive with negative advertisements and driven by class warfare."
Nope. {Laughing}

Hey folks,

No it was not Rush Limbaugh. No. It was not Sean Hannity. No. It was actually no one on the Right. This was said by a Democrat. Rob Taub. I guess he is a Radio Tech guy or something. But I love this piece he wrote for,,what is it,,oh,

Again folks, this is a Democrat and former supported of Obama. He has an interesting take on this. He goes on to say this..
In Thursday night's convention address, President Obama reprised the same promises he made in 2008, again with no feasible suggestions of how to pay for them.

The president has a wonderful vision for America, but it's nothing more than a delusion that can't be achieved during a time of record – and climbing – deficits. Our government has built roads, bridges and schools that have educated us. However, it has also become a bloated money burning machine in desperate need of reform – a word that does not seem to exist in Obama's vocabulary.

Democrats are jumping ship because President Obama is offering nothing but blame for the previous administration and his own pipe dreams at a time when voters need some real assurance if they’re going to believe the economy can be saved. Unfortunately, speaking as one of those Democrats, I have little hope that President Obama will change.
You see folks, this is not over by a long shot. The same old Obama is not going to work this time. Oh, yeah, he WILL without a doubt, get the stupid Vote. The mindless sheep that will just Vote Obama, Obama, Obama. They will Vote for him because he is Black. They will Vote for him because they have been told to hate Republicans, or Romney. They will Vote for him because Madonna told them they needed to Vote for the Black Muslim in the White House. But real, intelligent, logical, Voters, from all political affiliations will think about it and Vote for TRUE Hope and Change.

You can read Mr. Taub's entire piece Here. It's pretty good. Obama has had four years to prove that his ideas work. They have, he has, failed. Failed miserably at that. This is his economy. This is his foreign affairs mess. He is responsible for both the state of America, and the world. HE is. Bush has been gone for 4 years. All that is happening IS Obama. Sorry to my Obamaide drinkers out there. This is his mess.

So every time, you see a skewed poll, or the media comes on and tells you this is over? Obama wins? Think again. He is losing support all over the place. He should be. He needs to go. I do not care if you think Romney is the greatest thing ever, or you do not care for some of his policies. He is NOT Obama. He has experience, faith, and love for this country. He is also not afraid to stand up to those that want us dead. And they know that. They are pulling for Obama. 

Attack our Embassies around the world, and kill our Ambassador and nothing happens? Obama calls it a bump in the road? That is an open invitation to do whatever they want to do. They do not fear us. They do not respect us. We are a joke to them. A shell of our former self. We need to be reborn. We need to take the country back, and start repairing the damage that this past administration has caused.

You are not alone. You are not in the minority. More and more people are seeing Obama for what he is. They do not like it. Get ready, get educated on the facts. Go Vote. We need to counter the Moron Vote. If you do, we should have no problem sending a clear message, not here. Not in America. You want Socialism? Move. 

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